Second CEG Symposium

The Second CEG Symposium will be held in the afternoon of 15 January in the Part II Room in the Genetics Department.  This is an opportunity to learn about some of the exciting evolutionary research going in in Cambridge at the moment! The available abstracts can be downloaded here: CEG-workshop_abstracts

01:00 – 01:40  Invited Speaker – Tracey Chapman, University of East Anglia – Adaptations to sexual selection and sexual conflict

01:40 – 02:00 Hazel Nichols, Molecular Ecology Group, Zoology – The genetics of reproductive conflict and inbreeding in a cooperatively breeding mammal

02:00 – 02:20 Carlo Brena, Evolution and Development lab, Zoology – Dynamics in Centipede development: in search for the common origin of segmentation

02:20 – 02:40 Rob Jones, Butterfly Genetics Group, Zoology – Morphometric analysis of butterfly wing pattern variation

02:30 – 03:00 Beverley Glover, Plant Evo-Devo Group, Plant Sciences – Gilding the lily: the evolution and development of specialised petal cell types

03:00 – 03:50 coffee

03:50 – 04:25 Invited speaker – Simon Frost, Veterinary medicine – Phylodynamics of Viral Epidemics

04:25 – 04:45 Mike Magwire, Host-Parasite Coevolution Group, Genetics – Identifying genes affecting resistance to sigma virus in Drosophila melanogaster

04:45 – 05:05 Tim O’Connor, Evolutionary Genetics Group, Zoology – Substitution Models to Detect Evolutionary Associations Between Genotype and Phenotype: an Interspecies Approach

05:05 – 05:25 Anders Eriksson, Evolutionary Ecology Group, Zoology – A spatially explicit model for Human settlement history

05:25 – 06:00 Invited Speaker – Chris Tyler-Smith, Sanger Institute – Human Evolutionary Genetics

Followed by Happy Hour in the Genetics Tea Room

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